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Well, as a lifelong DC-area resident, I think it's unlikely that a nonpolitical VA staffer has it in for Wicca. I think it's more likely that the staffers are well aware of how vicious and vindictive the administration is, and no one wants to be the one to sign off on Wicca being added to the official categories.

The administration may not be able to stop it without triggering a lawsuit, but that doesn't mean they won't destroy the life of whatever unfortunate official happens to just do their job and approve it. So the officials play hot potato.

Now, it's still terrible, and I'm sure there's an element of not considering Wicca a "real" religion (as shown by the quotes), but I doubt there's actual animosity in the nonpolitical civil servants.

However, it is a fine example of why government should not be in the business of endorsing religions, even multiple religions.

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