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What I find most interesting about the comments on the articles, is that almost everyone who wanted to speak out against poly marriage just had to comment on the physical attractiveness of Victor, or on the wieght and figure of each of the women. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and the weak with no real arguments say "Yeah??? Well... he's bald and looks like Dr. Evil, and the women are fat!"


I myself am glad to see such a union. As a bisexial female, and a person who enjoys shareing my husband of 10 years with other women the idea of this type of union makes me feel more comfortable with who I am. Also lets people like me know that we and our thoughts are not alone. Good for this and Bless the three of them I hope it all works out.


Why is it such a taboo to love and commit to more than one fellow human? We are here to love and experience this incredible life we've been given. I, a normal attractive young woman, am incredibly happy and secure with my relationship with my male lover of five years and my female lover of six months. We all share an incredible love and hightened respect for eachother. Why is this taboo??? Thank you for this post.

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