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Interestingly, often teens (I would not exclude boys on that) only wear certain things because other people are pissed of by it. If they did not bother with getting angry, nobody would bother to wear certain things (of course, this argument is mostly only valid for teens)



I also blogged about this post. You can see it here:


“I get just as sick of the brand of feminists who tell me I'm a bad feminist or a sellout if I wear heels or a corset or lipstick (especially when it's said in the context of "you can't *choose* to wear those things because you're too brain-controlled by The Patriarchy" )as I do of those rightwingers who think my push-up bra makes Baby Jesus cry.”

You know what *I* get sick of? The “brand” of feminist who kvetches on as though we flannel-wearing boors are actively trying to restrict her sartorial preferences. Yes, you’re such rebels, wearing all that racy lingerie n’ stuff—what an awful slap in the face to puritan pantsuit-wearing feminist orthodoxy!

Look, I couldn’t give a pig’s left nut whether you truss yourself up in intestine-flattening corsets, or paint your lips with dead horses. Just stop pretending as though there’s a huge feminist conspiracy out to squash any spike-heel-wearing dissenters. Even when I *was* a spike-heel-wearing “rebel”, I NEVER had a feminist tell me I couldn’t wear what I liked due to patriarchal false consciousness. I *did* have quite a few kindly remind me that my choices weren’t made in a sociological vacuum, and sometimes this took the form of a criticism, but you know what? Get used to it. Criticism is a part of life; it enables us to sort the truth from the bullshit, and if you can’t handle your choices being questioned, then you’re obviously either too insecure in them in the first place, or too hung up on the same need for approval you purport to disdain.

On a less angry note:

“If you think girls should wear more boyish clothes, you are still buying into the notion that masculinity is "better" than femininity…”

No, I’d be saying that masculinity & femininity are constructs, and as such a pair of jeans is no more “masculine” than a skirt. Masculine does not “belong” to men any more than feminine
"belongs" to women.

“…and that any kind of feminine sexuality is “bad.” ”

But doesn’t it strike you as just a bit odd that female sexual expression is all about wearing revealing clothes, while male sexual expression is all about looking-at-women-in-revealing-clothes? Why aren’t teenage BOYS freely choosing to wear thongs, or walking around with their asses hanging out of tiny short-shorts?

One final thing: As a young woman who likes to think of herself as human, it pisses me off to no end when people pretend as though “porn-star” shirts and hijaabs are women’s only clothing choices…and then either claim that the former can’t be criticised on the grounds that it’s patronising to question women’s agency, or that the latter can’t be criticised on the grounds of cultural sensitivity. Fuck it: If you don’t want to make “unfeminine” value judgements, there is no shortage of movements willing to make them for you.

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