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The Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons by any other name....) did comment on this.,15331,3885-1,00.html

Siren's Trumpet

Thanks for the link!

Their statement is actually a lot mellower than I would have expected. Then again, they're probably used to having to distinguish between their church and Mormon splinter sects.


Having now seen two episodes, it appears that the show attempts to show their religion is part of their life and explains the unusual arrangement and to some extent emphasizes that this is a small, splinter sect.

You might find this page interesting, a general discussion about groups that continue to practice polygamy and Mormonism:

And this is a longish essay about how sects still practicing polygamy have violent tendencies:

Those two essays alone would be enough to write a story with an interesting setting. (Or, as I was thinking a moment ago, "This would be a great LARP.")
Which, ultimately, is what "Big Love" is.

Viagra jokes, horny teenagers and catty sister/wives get old pretty quickly.

The political plot between Bill and Roman (and Frank, too, I think), the brief flashes of spirituality (and the consequences of same) and Bill's ongoing financial issues (can you really imagine owning three houses that nice) are more interesting.

And, thinking about one of the confrontations in Sunday's episode, maybe there will be a clear confrontation or explanation scene about the differences between the Mormon church and the Henricksons' sect.

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